Want To Be More Involved?

Do You Want to Be More Involved?

Simply by belonging to WOW! you are making a difference in this world, because your donation is going to support work that transforms the lives of women like Olienne. But there are a number of other ways to become involved in this work.

Help Us Spread the Word. Forward this site to 10 of your friends and suggest they subscribe if they’re interested. Helping us reach and involve new people by introducing us to your networks is one of the most powerful actions you can make!

Host a WOW! Party. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to help is to invite some friends over and host a WOW! party. This spring we’re delighted to partner with Silpada Jewelry representative Tiffany Elcyzyn so that it is even easier than before. You provide the place and some refreshments, and WOW! will work with Tiffany to provide a representative who will set up a jewelry display, manage sales and donate a portion of the proceeds to WOW!

Participate in a WOW! Walk for Women or Other Local Event. This year there are events in several sites, including walks, LUNAFEST film programs. Keep an eye on our Web site (www.workofwomen.org) and read our e-newsletter to keep up to date. We are also here to help if you would like to organize something in your area.

Join or Organize a Local WOW! Chapter. We now have active local chapters or networks in Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma and Tennessee. They range from 15 people up to hundreds. You can also start a group, and WOW! staff available to help with suggestions, meeting ideas and materials.

WOW! Journey to Nepal

Designed especially for major donors to WOW! or World Neighbors, Journeys allow you to see and hear first-hand what life is like in the far-off communities World Neighbors works with, and the impact we are having. Our first WOW! Journey in several years will take us to Nepal, April 4-14. This is the first World Neighbors Journey to this country in over a decade, and will be a life-changing opportunity to meet with women in savings and credit groups, see the health clinics they are currently supporting and talk to them in person about their lives and their dreams. We’ll also include some tourism in Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Long-time WOW! and World Neighbors supporter Carol K. sums up the reasons for her support by referring to Abigail Adams’ oft-quoted remark to her husband to “Remember the ladies.” “One of the major aspects of World Neighbors that I appreciate is that, through WOW!, it makes a deep commitment to do just that, i.e., remember the women for whom every day is a struggle to provide for themselves and their families—to provide not only food and shelter, but dignity.